What are the benefits of teaching?

Are you thinking about becoming a teacher? Doing so can be the start of a rewarding, exciting and lucrative career! There are many benefits to becoming a teacher, let's explore them in more detail.

The benefits of teaching explained

A rewarding career choice

Teaching is one of the most rewarding career choices you can make. We all have that favourite teacher from our pasts who we remember fondly - that could be you! A good teacher will inspire and encourage their students, bring out the best in them, and help ensure that their school life is a pleasant, safe and enriching environment.

A person's school years are so important, and the choices we make at this age can affect the rest of our lives. Teachers have a big responsibility to not only educate the next generation, but to help them become well rounded, opinionated, decent human beings, and seeing a young person develop in this way, thanks to your guidance, patience and expertise, can be a hugely satisfying way to spend your time.

A varied and exciting job

In a teaching role, no two days are ever the same. Throughout your career you'll meet so many interesting people, from your fellow teaching staff to the pupils you teach, their parents, other educators and many more in between. Teachers have to be adaptable, flexible and prepared for anything. It's a far cry from sitting silently at a desk staring at a computer. If you want a career that's lively, exciting and varied, this is the role for you.

Lifelong learning opportunities

One of the perks of being a teacher is that you never stop learning yourself. Not only will you have opportunities to develop expertise in your favourite subject, but you'll also be able to learn about developments and thinking in education as a whole.

Fantastic holiday allowance

Of course, another great benefit of teaching is the long holiday periods. If you have a family of your own it means you get to spend more quality time with your kids. If you don't, you can plan travel and other adventures, focus on hobbies and passions, or just kick back and relax! While teachers do work hard during term time and will need to lesson plan during their time off before the new term begins, the long weeks where they aren't required to be in school is certainly a massive draw for those who decide to make teaching their chosen profession.

A sociable role

If you are a sociable person who likes to interact with others then becoming a teacher is a great choice. Not only will you interact with the pupils and form strong bonds there, you'll also communicate with parents and come to rely on other teachers, sharing knowledge, lesson plans, behavioural management advice and so on. You get as much out of teaching as you put in and the shared experience of being a teacher means you can make lifelong friends in this role.

Excellent prospects and career progression

Teaching also offers great prospects. There are lots of different areas of teaching you can choose to get into. You can work your way up to become head of your department or even a head teacher. You could decide to specialise in your subject or become a SEN teacher or an Advanced Skills Teacher.

The ability to work anywhere in the world

Another wonderful thing about teaching is that teachers are needed all over the globe! This means that qualifying as a teacher opens up literally a whole world of opportunity - you can apply for teaching roles anywhere and explore the world as you do.

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