Can I Move Between KS1 & KS2 Teaching?

Are you wondering whether it is possible to move between KS1 and KS2 Teaching? In short, the answer is yes. In fact, there are some advantages in gaining experience across different year groups. Here are some valuable tips for teachers wishing to move into a new year group.

Moving between KS1 & KS2 teaching - what should you expect?

If you are used to teaching KS1 and want to make the change to teach KS2 (or vice versa), it is crucial to do some research and understand thoroughly what the changes will be and what will be expected of you.

Some of the things you can do to prepare include:

Get familiar with the new curriculum

Your new year group will have a different National Curriculum to follow, so the better you understand it, the easier it will be to transition between KS1 and KS2. Knowing what your pupils’ should cover and achieve during the school year, especially in the core subjects, will help you ensure you have the knowledge and understanding to deliver outstanding lessons.

Study textbooks and pupils’ current work

You can learn a lot by looking at the textbooks and other materials that are being used to teach your new age group. Ask teachers in your school who currently teach KS2 if you can see examples of pupils' work so you can better understand the level they are at. You can also use the internet to find examples of KS2 pupil's work to see what's achievable


Another helpful way to prepare is to sit in on a few KS2 classes so you can observe the material, the tactics, and the tone of the lesson to gain some valuable insight and information on how to best manage your new class.

Study lesson plans

You can also ask the current teacher for lesson plans or do online research to find KS2 lesson plans that other teachers have shared. These will give you ideas and inspiration for your new class and inform your overall picture of what kind of content you will deliver to your new students.

Moving between KS1 and KS2 teaching - should I make the switch?

Getting more broad experience across year groups can be helpful if you want your teaching career to be more diverse. Some believe that if your career plan is to become an assistant head or headteacher, getting as much experience as possible across all-year groups can be helpful. Learning the curriculum and how pupils’ operate across the board can boost your leadership credentials.

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