Why do you want to be an exam invigilator?

5 reasons why you should consider being an exam invigilator.

Working as an Exam Invigilator over the summer months is a great way to earn some extra pocket money. But it also has some other great benefits you may not have considered! Continue reading to find out!

Flexible Hours

Exam invigilation work is seasonal, revolving around the school exam periods. Exam Invigilators are most needed throughout May and June. A real benefit of working as an Exam Invigilator is that you have the flexibility to work either full day or half day shifts, enabling you to work it around your own schedule. If you're looking to pick up a few extra hours you can pick your own shifts to work around you.

Local Work

At Horizon Teachers, we work with a range of Secondary schools throughout the London boroughs including Kensington, Southwark, Haringey, Camden, Brixton and Tower Hamlets, who are in need of Exam Invigilators. This means that, should you express an interest in becoming an Exam Invigilator, it is more than likely that we can find a school in or near your local area.

Training Provided

We'll also provide all those who work for us as Exam Invigilators an in-house training induction, free-of-charge. This will ensure you are fully prepared and know what to expect before your first shift. You can be confident that you will walk into your school and know exactly what to do.

Excellent Schools

Working as an Exam Invigilator gives you the opportunity to work in Ofsted rated "Outstanding" schools and with supportive staff across London. If you are considering a career or further long-term work in Education, this is an ideal opportunity to establish a good relationship with the school.

Opportunities for Long-Term Work

Further to the previous point, if you make a good first impression, you'll be more likely to stay on with the school working in a support role as either a Cover Supervisor or Teaching Assistant. This will help you shape and develop a potentially long and rewarding career in education!

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