Jobs that are suitable for a career change into teaching

If you are looking for a career change into teaching, you might wonder whether it's possible. The good news is that regardless of what stage you are at in your current career and your relevant experience and education, if you are passionate about and committed to becoming a teacher, there is always a way!

So which jobs make it easy to switch to teaching?

While there are plenty of different routes into teaching, the most common is to apply to study for a PGCE qualification. By passing the course, you will be granted NQT status, which means you can apply for school jobs. To get onto a PGCE course, you need a minimum set of qualifications, and your application will be supported by any relevant experience that you have.

Not only that, but some jobs can help you develop the relevant skills and experience required to plan and organise lessons, liaise with other teaching professionals, parents, and carers, and manage challenging classroom situations.

So what are some jobs that might help you be accepted onto a PGCE course or give you the skills and experience you need to become a successful teacher?

Nursery or childcare facility staff

Working in a nursery or another childcare setting can give you excellent experience and develop lots of valuable skills that will help your transition into the classroom easier. Working with young children requires patience and flexibility. You'll help children take their first steps in learning basic numeracy and literacy skills, you'll have to manage behaviour, and you will learn about safeguarding and child protection too.


Working as a babysitter will also give you lots of valuable experience in caring for children. You'll be their primary care provider for the time that you babysit, will have to come up with fun and engaging activities, and ensure their safety is a priority. Experience as a babysitter can help you gain a place on a PGCE course, particularly if you can talk about how you used the time to engage with the children and provide them with the best care.

Youth group worker

Any opportunity to work with young people will help your application and give you fantastic experience. Look up youth groups in your local area and see how you can get involved. These could be anything from sports groups to arts and crafts. Discuss how you helped to provide vibrant, inclusive, and safe spaces for young people to gain skills and confidence and how doing so has helped you gain confidence too.


Tutoring is an excellent way to learn more about the teaching curriculum, and you'll develop valuable experience working with a young person and understanding the patience, organisation, and skills required to impart knowledge and encourage them to understand and retain information.

Teaching assistant

Of course, one of the best routes to teaching and learning the ins and outs of classroom life is to work in one. To work as a teaching assistant, you don't need a PGCE qualification, and you can gain first-hand experience in teaching and the skills and attributes required to do so successfully.

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