Transitioning from Secondary to Primary Teaching

For many teachers, the decision to teach in a secondary school is almost automatic. From an aspiring passion for their favourite subject to wanting to stimulate inquisitive teenage minds, they are looking for something that only secondary schools can provide.

You might realise you want to challenge yourself by making a transition to primary teaching or you have simply fallen out of love with secondary teaching? You may not want to stay in secondary education, but you still want to teach. This probes the question: how can I move from secondary to primary teaching smoothly?

Tips on How to Move from Secondary to Primary Teaching

No change from one area of teaching to another is a completely easy ride, everyone finds bumps in the road along the way. However, you may want to find out the best ways on how to prepare yourself for the transition from secondary to primary teaching to kick start your new endeavour.

3 Tips to Transition from Secondary To Primary Teaching Smoothly

1. Know your New Curriculum

It goes without saying, but knowing your new curriculum off by heart will benefit you greatly when transitioning from secondary to primary teaching. You’ll change from only teaching one subject to a multitude of subjects with students that have shorter attention spans. Before you start a new term with a new class, make sure you know the curriculum like the back of your hand, and adopting some fun, new teaching styles will help with the delivery to the younger class.

2. Brush up on your Team Working

You'll likely be working with a teaching assistant or co-teaching with a team, so it's best to get to know the people you work with, outside and inside the classroom.

3. Adapting your Communication Methods

You may know how to work with and control a secondary school classroom but primary classes filled with younger children can be very different and in some cases more challenging to understand. Gaining the children's trust and making them feel comfortable will be your first step. At the primary level, making sure your lessons are engaging and energising is key, and keeping an expressive tone in your voice will help to maintain attention span. It's all about variety and engagement, younger children tend to be louder and hyper, play on that and your students will enjoy your lessons.

Moving from Secondary to Primary Teaching with Horizon Teachers

Horizon Teachers can help make moving from secondary to primary teaching relatively easy for you. By helping you gain experience in primary school teaching by offering supply work in primary schools, we can help you build up your reputation as a reputable Primary School Teacher. This experience will be invaluable for when you are looking for a long-term primary school teacher role and will also give you a taste of what it's like to be a primary school teacher.

Are you looking for a Teaching position at a School? Please check out our Primary School vacancies here & our Secondary roles here. Alternatively, you can contact us on 0207 444 0009 or contact us from one of our experienced consultants. We are always happy to help and discuss your specific requirements.