Stress Management for Teachers

Who said teaching children was an easy job? According to research, being a teacher in the UK means you have the 3rd most stressful job and 80% of experienced teachers experience work-related stress. Stress is inevitable for teachers, but how can we ensure they have the time to switch off and destress? In this blog, we will outline key stress management for teachers to help keep stress at bay.

Stress Management for Teachers: 5 Ways

While de-stressing can come in all shapes and forms, and making time for this can be tricky- the Summer holidays can be the best time to do some damage control with stress management.

Reduce burnout and resentment for your job with our compiled list of stress management for teachers during the summer holidays.

1. Switch off (properly!)

It might be hard to do but we strongly recommend that you resist the temptation to crack open your lesson plan book or mark papers (for at least some of your holiday!). You need to separate from work to give your brain a break before returning back to "teacher mode".

2. Read a Book

It is a proven fact that reading can help reduce stress. It can be a wonderful (and healthy) escape from the stress of your everyday life. Especially if the UK experiences hot weather during the holidays, having a good read is always nice when you want to relax in the sun.

3. Indulge in your Hobbies

Make sure you devote some time to doing the things you love. Whether that is scrapbooking, hiking, baking, sewing, or doing something artistic. Put aside specific times to do your chosen hobby to become a priority and make it feel like a hobby again! Once you've done it you will be glad you didn't brush it aside.

4. Exercise

No matter what sport you prefer to do whether that be yoga or boxing, it is important to get your body moving. Exercise releases stress-busting endorphins that will give you a pep in your step and lift your mood.

5. Spend Time with Loved Ones

The holidays are a special time to spend with family and friends, which you may have missed out on due to your busy school timetable. Take the time to reconnect and enjoy spending time together through picnics, beach days, BBQ's and more!

Try These Stress Management Tips for Teachers

Hopefully, in this blog on stress management for teachers, you have found a few ways to reduce burnout and enjoy your summer. If these don't work, there's always Netflix and wine!

From all of us here at Horizon Teachers, we hope you have an amazing summer!