Can I Work As An Unqualified Teacher?

Can I Work As An Unqualified Teacher?

If you want to get into teaching but are not qualified to teach, you may be wondering whether there is a way of embarking on this career path without having to study at university. You may need more time or may not have the money required to apply for a course and gain a teaching qualification, but you are still keen to become one.

So the question we ask is, is this even possible?

The many routes into teaching

Luckily, there are actually many different routes into teaching, and not all of them require years of study or a commitment to apply for a full degree. Here we will explore whether it is possible to work in a school without a teaching qualification and what steps you need to take to do so.

Unqualified teachers are permitted to work in some but not all schools. Independent schools and academies can hire teachers based on their specialist skills, regardless of whether they are qualified or not. For state schools, however, you must have achieved qualified teacher status in order to teach in the classroom.

Alternatively, you can work as a teaching assistant in any school without first obtaining a teaching qualification. However, the same rules apply if you want to progress to being a classroom teacher, and you'll have to gain QTS before you can move on.

Working towards QTS

One route to becoming a qualified teacher without undertaking a graduate degree is by going down the assessment-only route. This works well for those who already have a degree in an unrelated subject and have experience working in schools or other childcare settings. The assessment-only route is typically a 12-week programme that will enable you to achieve QTS but does not apply to PGCE qualifications.

If you choose to teach but do not want to work towards QTS, you will be limited as to which teaching roles you can apply for, and even when you find a position, it can be something of a challenge to then move into a new role or progress in your career.

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