5 Useful Teaching Apps

Useful teaching apps every teacher should adopt in their classrooms.

Organisation is a vital skill for all teachers. With 20+ pupils in the classroom, it can be difficult to continuously come up with new and creative material but there are multiple tools that can make planning and developing new ideas much easier. There's nothing better than a selection of lesson material that also looks aesthetically pleasing!

There is not one sole or right way to organise within teaching life, however, these 5 useful teaching apps can really help keep the peace every week!

Useful Teaching App 1 - Pinterest

Pinterest is an ever-popular app, largely because of the inspiration it can give when planning or organising. There might even be things you have never considered organising before that Pinterest will help with! You can get creative ideas and concepts from thousands of accounts, easily able to pull them into your own mood boards. It is a highly welcomed app by many classes and teachers in SEND, Primary and Secondary Education!

Useful Teaching App 2 - ZipGrade

Zipgrade provides ease with reporting data on your students assessments. You don't have to worry about the stress of staying ages after the school day to mark your students work, Zipgrade stores, captures and reports useful data on assessments. It is hugely beneficial to the students too as they can receive immediate feedback and see their score quickly. So no more apprehension for a week!

Useful Teaching App 3 - Alora

It's not just any register app. This app can not only track attendance but also participation in all aspects of schooling. It is beneficial for coaches, busy teachers and many more. You can get full reports on students which makes reporting their progress back to their parents even easier.

Useful Teaching App 4 - Amazon

Everyone knows about Amazon! Not only can you buy almost anything from there, but with their search bar, you can create wishlists for the needs of your classroom where you can share your link with other teachers, departments or finance teams for funding. It is also fantastic for organisation and planning, you can create lists for all departments; books for English, lab kits for Science, contractors and calculators for Maths The list goes on

Useful Teaching App 5 - Kahoot

Kahoot can transform a dry, mundane class into great fun. Their website makes learning enjoyable for the students and you can create quizzes and fun games which correspond with your lesson plan. You can download the app on devices like tablets for the classroom and they can use the buzzer function to answer your questions.

Using apps to help with future teaching and organisation

Teaching isn't an easy job, you are literally laying the foundation for the lives of the future, no pressure! Using these apps should hopefully make your life a little bit easier.

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