During the festive period, pupils are excitable and do not necessarily want to be stuck doing work all day. It can be difficult to keep everyone focused. Here are some activities for your students to take part in. You can incorporate these tasks within the daily schedule of lesson plans.

Our top 6 fun christmas classroom activities


1. Letter to Santa Competition-  It’s always great to get your pupils’ vocabulary expanding and literacy skills going. One great way of keeping everyone engaged is by preparing a Letter to Santa competition. They can give a brief description of who they are and what they want for Christmas and why they want it. You can even create a Christmas Letterbox where pupils can drop their letters anytime until the deadline. The more elaborate and descriptive letters would then win the competition or even maybe get what they asked for for Christmas… If it’s not TOO elaborate and ridiculous.​

2. Elf Yourself-  There is this hilarious app called “Elf Yourself”, if your class is going through a particularly stressful time (Yr 6s and SATS), you might want to take a quick humourous break and edit them into the elf dancers’ faces and have a bit of a laugh. You can edit your face, your students’ faces or even a celebrity’s face in the dancing elf’s faces to get a bunch of laughs in the classroom.


3. Paper Snowflakes-  One of the easiest ways to keep the classroom engaged and in the holiday spirit is by making paper snowflakes. You can use a combination of coloured and plain paper. Get the scissors out and get creative. They will enjoy making the different patterns on folded pieces of paper and when they’re done, you can use them to decorate and personalise the classroom! It’s a fun and efficient way to make the classroom look pretty.

4. Get the class going by playing Christmas tongue twisters- 

(A prize to whomever can get them all without pausing!)

-Running reindeer romp ’round red wreaths

-Chilly chipper children chant cheerfully

-Eleven elves licked eleven little licorice lollipops

-There’s chimney soot on Santa’s suit

-Frosty froze frequently, furthermore fell on frozen frost freezing his fiddly thumbs

-Prancer presents pumpkin pies and presents

-Pretty packages perfectly packed in paper

-Tiny Timmy trims the tall tree with tinsel

5. Celebrate Christmas Around The World-Not only is it very informative but it’s also very exciting for the class to learn about how people celebrate Christmas all around the world. Especially in classes where there is a variety of ethnic groups, it might be exciting for pupils to talk about how they celebrate in their countries of origin and to have a bit of a spotlight.


6. Google’s Santa Tracker- Google’s Santa Tracker is an exciting and interactive website which allows users to track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. It’s a fun way to get students interacting and learning during the festive period. You can even learn how to code on this cool site! It runs through the whole of December and is a means in which to keep your lessons fun and not just stick to watching a Christmas Movie marathon until the end of term. Visit the site.

6. Christmas Themed Word Searches- Another fun classroom activity is to print off Christmas themed word searches and get your class to complete them. The first one to finish could get a prize or sweet! There are a range of Christmassy resources available on this website. 

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