For many Teachers, the decision to teach in a secondary school is almost automatic. From inspiring passion for their favourite subject, to wanting to stimulate inquisitive teenage minds, they are looking for something that only secondary schools can provide.

But what if you decide that you have made a mistake? Or you have simply fallen out of love with secondary teaching? You may not want to stay in secondary education, but you still want to teach. This probes the question: Is a move to primary straightforward?

Moving from Secondary to Primary Teaching

Horizon Teachers can help make moving from secondary to primary relatively easy for you. By helping you gain experience in primary school teaching by offering supply work in primary schools, we can help you build up your reputation as a reputable Primary School Teacher. This experience will be invaluable for when you are looking for a long-term primary school teacher role and will also give you a taste of what it’s like to be a primary school teacher.

In September we are offering a free information session about transitioning from Secondary Teaching to Primary Teaching where there will also be a chance for a Q&A and the opportunity to meet other teachers in the same position as you.

Refreshments provided!

Any questions please give us a ring: 0207 444 0009.

We look forward to seeing you there.