At Horizon Teachers, we understand the importance of enhancing children's education and nurturing their growth and development, particularly those who are disadvantaged. 

We are proud to support CHICKS charity. Our donation to CHICKS this year supported 11 year old Zayn* who lives in London with his mum and sibling.

A few years ago, Zayn’s father walked out on the family, which has left Zayn with confusing feelings of abandonment and this sadly led to having low self-confidence and feelings of worthlessness. The additional needs of his sibling also impacts on Zayn; they share a bedroom in a small flat together which means that Zayn is often tired. His siblings’ needs are high therefore Zayn is sometimes overlooked and receives little attention at home which often impacts on his school life.

A CHICKS break was able to provide Zayn with an opportunity to have positive adult attention and build up his self-confidence as you can see from the detailed report of Zayn’s time at the CHICKS respite below:

In the first evening at CHICKS, Zayn was withdrawn and struggled with feeling homesick, he didn’t want to speak to anyone at dinner time. Over the evening, the Respite Break Leaders slowly started to build his trust and spoke to him about how nervous he was feeling about the week ahead.

Slowly he started to join in with the other children and he made a friend in another boy he was sharing a room with who promised to look after him for the week. 

The next day the group went rock-climbing, Zayn told one of the Break Leaders that he was worried about the activity but with support from his new friend and the adults he climbed all the way to the top!

On his way down he was smiling from ear to ear and couldn’t believe what he had achieved!

After the session, Zayn started to talk to everyone in the group more and more, his confidence began to grow and his friendship with the boy he met in the first evening continued to flourish.

By the end of the week Zayn was confident talking in front of the whole group and said that he loved his week at CHICKS.

The retreat with CHICKS enabled Zayn to experience a carefree week in the countryside where he was able to broaden this horizons and realise his potential. 

*child's name changed to protect their identity 

Horizon Teachers continues to support CHICKS charity with the hope of helping more and more children to take part in CHICKS respite breaks.